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Adult Choir

The Wythe Adult Choir is open to all who participate in worship at Wythe.

We have a variety of musical knowledge among our existing choir, and welcome those who have served in a choir before or for someone who wants to give it a try for the first time! We sing a variety of music, from classical to
contemporary. We have some strong musicians who can help a new member find their “voice” in the choir.

The choirs of Wythe take turns to help lead worship, and when the Adult Choir is providing the anthem, they assist in leading the Praise music. We truly believe that our Singing is Worship, Praising our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Come join us!

Praise Band

Handbell Choir

Never played before? Don’t read music? That’s OK!

If you can count to 4, you can play the bells. It is not necessary to read music—there are many methods of marking the music that can allow a non-musician to enjoy playing the bells.

We play a variety of music, contemporary praise songs and classic hymns.  

We truly enjoy doing a duet with the piano or organ or accompany the hymns! We need a couple of more players to round out the group—and
it would be great if a couple of men (or strong women!) would join and we could take full advantage of some of the larger, lower bells. We are blessed to have two sets of handbells at Wythe, and we’d love to see them all used.

We help lead worship approximately once a month, accompanying the Praise
songs and providing the anthem.

The Bell Choir is open to all who participate in Worship at Wythe.

Children's Choir

Open to all children of any age!

As we wait for all to arrive, the children take turns creating music with the handbells! They learn rhythm and the value of notes—in no time! As one of our youngest members of the choir says when she arrives, “Where’s my bell?” This time is followed by singing of familiar songs as well as learning new songs to present as the anthem during worship and leading the Praise Music at the beginning of the service.

The Children’s Choir meets Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 10:00.

All songs are taught with the importance of the words and worship of God. “Opening the Eyes of our Hearts” is an important part of the children’s music ministry—so that the songs they learn will follow them through life. Your child is welcome!

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